Helping People Watch Panto

Everybody should have the chance to watch live theatre – and what better, joyous, timely and more inclusive area of theatre than Pantomime!?


For many families, social and financial barriers make watching live theatre impossible –

‘The Ticketeers Panto Scheme’ can help to provide discounted or free theatre tickets, making pantomime accessible this Christmas.

We aim to bring magic and awe into the lives of low income families and unlock new worlds to young people (and that includes ‘big people’ too!)


The benefits of watching a live interactive and above all fun theatre experience are immeasurable. Studies show that it can inspire new ideas, improve tolerances and lend motivation both mentally and physically, particularly among young persons – a third of which (according to a parent study) have never been to the theatre.

https://www.brookings.edu/blog/brown-center-chalkboard/2019/02/12/new-evidence- of-the-benefits-of-arts-education/

A Christmas Pantomime is the perfect time for families to come together for a shared experience and is quite often the only time during the year that they may enjoy the world of theatre.


The Leatherhead Pantomime is already one of the best value professional option in the local area The Leatherhead Theatre and LP Creatives have worked incredibly hard to develop the pantomime audience from around 3,500 attendees in 2016 to nearly 8,000 in the last 2022 season. In that time, we have done our utmost to keep the show affordable for our growing crowds and have proudly given away thousands of tickets to worthy causes, schools, charities and foodbanks – we hope to build on this with local support.


To be bought by local businesses, societies and charities, The Leatherhead Theatre and LP Creatives have allocated 2,500 tickets for purchase. These tickets are roughly half the cost of a full adult ticket price (£12 or £10 if more than 100 bought).

Once purchased, these tickets can either be given away for free, or sold on again at half that price. This makes all seats a more affordable £6/5 each which will be available for five exclusively scheduled shows.


  • Purchase the tickets and donate to a needy charity/school/foodbank/youth group etc of your choosing.
  • Purchase tickets to be allocated by the theatre.


Everyone involved in the scheme (you may opt out of the following if you wish!) will:

  • Receive an acknowledgement in the paperless digital pantomime programme (available for free to all pantomime goers via a QR code)
  • Have their business or society shown as part of a revolving ‘thank you list’ on the big screen during the pantomime interval
  • Be featured in several posts on the pantomime Facebook and Instagram social media pages.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope you can help us spread some much needed cheer for 2023 and…Merry Christmas! (too soon?) 

Tom Beard

Pantomime Producer (and founder of ‘The Ticketeers Panto Scheme’)

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