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Dandelion Summer Workshop – The Elephant of My Heart

August 21, 2023 - August 26, 2023

Jessica Clements’ book, ‘The Elephant of My Heart’ is brought to life by the Dandlion Theatre School at the Leatherhead Theatre. It will be performed on 26th August Matinee.”

Monday 21st – Saturday 26th August
each day with the Show on Saturday at 3 pm!
£36 per day per child or £216 the whole week per child


Email dandelion@the-theatre.org to book!


Jessica Clements is a writer, actor & producer. Her show is based on her book of the same name. It tells of when she was in hospital, aged 9, when an elephant came knocking on her door. He introduced her to all her other animals who taught her to see her scars in a different way because now they’re sutured with a black panther’s whisker and held by a dragonfly. They gave her a new way of looking at her trauma!

This is the story the kids from Dandelion will be telling but there is a twist as each rehearsal they’ll be journeying with the Animal at their Hearts. This teaches them a simple, easy to use Mindfulness method which fosters their self-confidence & self-esteem.

The Elephant of My Heart Show will be a show filled with puppets, music, dance & fun but with storytelling & Mindfulness are at its heart. Jessica Clements will also introduce the audience to the Animals at their Heart at the end of the show.

The first day will be an audition day. This is when the children will be given their parts. We will use drama games, improvisation & dance to give each child time to shine.

Then the rehearsals will begin. The show will be performed as an ensemble piece with music throughout. Stefan Freedman, the musician, will have a number of instruments & will rehearse & offer instruments to any musically interested child.

There will be both a technical as well as dress performance before the show which will be performed on the matinee of Sat 26th August”

“The Elephant of My Heart” is a children’s show about a young girl in a hospital with a head injury. She hears a knock on her door & when she opens it there stands an elephant. He takes her on a journey to meet all of her other animals. They teach her that the scars that criss cross her head can be seen in a different way for they are now sutured with a black panther’s whisker & held by a dragonfly! They gave her a new way of looking at her trauma!

Yet this is not quite the end of the story because the show ends with Jessica Clements introducing the audience to the Animal at their Heart in a short Mindfulness journey.

Mindfulness & meditation are a match made in heaven! The audience are not only entertained but they also walk out with an animal friend representing their Heart! What better friend can one have than one’s own heart!



August 21, 2023
August 26, 2023
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