About The Theatre Academy (TTA)

Providing a stage for your child

Dandelion Theatre Arts was created in 2011 out of a desire to give all children as close as possible an experience to being involved in a theatre designed for them, after performing our Summer show ‘The Awards Night ‘ in July 2023 we now start our new chapter and new name The Theatre Academy.

We cover:

• the experience of the discipline of rehearsals

• the delivery and learning of lines and songs by heart

• the learning and performing of all types of dance routines

• experiencing the drama and excitement of the ‘opening night’ with two shows a year

The pleasure of watching their progress

Although more out-going children are naturally drawn to drama classes, others can discover their self-confidence and ability through attending them. We take enormous pleasure and pride in seeing all students progress and blossom during their time with us.

Call us on 01372 365141 for details about our FREE trial period

“My daughter has been going to Dandelion for over two years and has loved it. It has given her so much confidence in herself and the smile on her face when perfoming on the Leatherhead Theatre stage is amazing.

The teachers are all great at giving the children a boost especially after the 18 months we have all had. Thank you”

All photos are © Mark Turner @markmakesphotos

Call us on 01372 365141