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From pre-school to 18 year olds, we host a full weekly timetable of dance and drama classes. Twice a year we also give your children the opportunity to put on a show on our main stage.
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Finding the performer in every child

Tell a good story and most children are soon enthralled. Our classes are all about using music, dance and drama to help children bring those stories to life.

Most children are drawn to some aspect of the performing arts. While there isn’t always the time or space at school to fully develop their creativity, we aim to give them that chance.

A place for every child

Because of the range of possible roles for those who get involved in any theatrical art, from work behind the scenes to taking centre stage, we believe there is a place for everyone. Theatre truly is an all-embracing art.

Contact with performance artists fires a child’s creativity

According to a leading academic, it is in their contact with artists and musicians that children’s creativity is fired. This in turn helps them become thinkers and innovators, rather than just a product of whichever particular educational establishment they attend.

Dancing, singing, acting and creative writing, the report concluded, are as important as the three Rs in enabling children to develop their talents and become fulfilled as human beings.

Helping children fulfil their artistic potential

We do this by offering:

• drama, dance and vocal training for children aged 4+
• professionally-trained and passionately-motivated teachers
• action-packed classes, infused with games and exercises
• Two-week FREE trial period while your child decides whether to attend, once signed up full term will be invoiced.

We strive to help them learn, while enjoying every minute of their time with us. Give your child the chance to discover creative abilities they never knew they had.

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