The Theatre Academy T&Cs

1. All fees must be paid by the beginning of each term. In certain circumstances alternative payment options may be agreed. There are no refunds for missed classes; we do not run a ‘drop in, drop out’ operation with the exception of the pre-school class and cannot therefore fill spaces at short notice. Should we need to cancel a class we will either reimburse the fees paid, or make arrangements for the attendance of an extra class. Failure to give at least four weeks’ written notice of a decision to discontinue classes will result in a bill for half of term’s fees being issued.

2. All students should arrive at, and be collected from, their classes on time. Please report any absences about which you are aware in advance, and notify us if your child or children may be late.

3. The uniform for the school is plain black leggings or tracksuit bottoms, Black TTA t-shirts, and appropriate footwear depending on the class being attended. This will be either jazz shoes, tap shoes flat Converse-type shoes for street dance.

3.1 The Theatre Academy Squad have ther own branded uniform and should be worn with appropiate footwear to all squad classes

4. Please supply your child or children with a light snack and a drink for the break in the class where necessary.

5. Disruption of performing arts classes will not be tolerated.

6. Respectful behaviour towards staff and teachers and other students will be expected at all times. We reserve the right to exclude students, though will only do so under exceptional circumstances.

7. Should you need to speak us for any reason, please contact Susy Puckett in the first instance by email so that we can arrange an appropriate time and place to discuss your concern.

8. Students take part in our classes at their own risk. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to inform us of any contact or medical changes or injuries that may have occurred since registration.

9. Our priority in all classes is enjoyment, and we also endeavour to help our students learn new skills and gain confidence. It is around this ethos that we frame our classes and plan our shows. It must be accepted by all parents and guardians that decisions regarding shows are final, and that we always seek to do what we believe is in the best interest of each child and others in the class which they attend.

10. Disruption of classes and changes in teaching staff will be avoided as far as is possible. But we reserve the right to change the timetable and our teaching staff as and where necessary.

11. Fees will be reviewed annually each September.

12. Children are responsible for whatever possessions they bring to class. We are unable to accept liability for anything that becomes lost or broken.

13. Terms and conditions are subject to change. 

14. We do not allow studentsto bring/use any electronic devices in any classes, rehearsals, backstage or shows, including mobile phones.


Exercise is different for each person, and the benefits will be personal to the individual. It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to inform TTA staff of any illness / injury / condition / additional needs / special requirements that any individual may have before taking part in any of our classes. It is also the responsibility of the parent / guardian to ensure that the individual is medically fit, capable and well enough to take part in active sessions, and TTA does not accept any liability for any injury or ill effects, long term or short term, that may result from taking part in active sessions, and we ask that all individuals respect the safety instructions from all teachers, for example by joining the warm up and cool down /stretch activities.

What’s App

It has been brought to our attention that some of the children have created their own What’s App groups.  Please be aware that these are in no way affiliated with TTA and that we are not able to monitor these, so kindly check that your child is only using What’s App with your permission, and with the permission of any other parents of children in such groups.  


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