Play Your Part Act 2 – Launching our Crowdfunder campaign

When we ran our Crowdfunder campaign last year, we could not have anticipated not being able to offer our annual pantomime or the many other shows we had planned to welcome you all back to the theatre with. Had the pandemic restrictions been shorter, the generous funds raised would have been enough. So, we turn to you for a little more help.

We were overwhelmed not just by the immense generosity of our community, but also by the hundreds of messages of support and the many special memories of the theatre people shared with us. These kind words inspire us to continue working to secure the future of our wonderful theatre.

This fund is essential to allow us to cover the annual costs of running and maintaining the Grade II listed venue and continue offering not just cinema and live theatre, but also a performance space to the many local schools, dance and drama groups in the community it serves.

As restrictions ease, we are confident the shows and events we have all missed so much can begin again and enable the venue to become viable in time. Meanwhile, the Leatherhead Theatre needs your continued support, and we are so grateful for any financial assistance you may be able to offer.

You can donate to our campaign here.


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